About Us.

The Foundation

CEUR Foundation – Centro Europeo Università e Ricerca – was founded by university professors, businessmen and professionals as an institution focused on education and culture; it aims at offering young university students the best conditions to actively create their future.

The Foundation carries out a public service through its network of Merit university residences, Camplus College, where the educational dimension – together with the most prestigious Italian universities – is complemented by the residential component.

An essential part is also the activity of high-level education and research development through the provision of scholarships to young deserving scholars.


Relationships are the way not to lose oneself, the engine powering the growth of every person and project. CEUR Foundation has made community life and the relationship with the educational, institutional and civil setting its strength.
The conviction is that the real driving force of progress is the existence of a shared commitment, where the bonds are never transitory and the aptitudes of each add value to the group.


Offer opportunities for relationships, guidance and educational and cultural tools aimed at enhancing the merit, talents and critical skills of each person.

The ultimate goal is to educate responsible adults and facilitate their entry into the labour market.

Code of Ethics

Pursuant to the Organisational, Management and Control Model established by Italian Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001, the CEUR Foundation has decided to implement a Code of Ethics in order to guarantee the dissemination and compliance with principles, rules and general standards of behaviour aimed at safeguarding ethical values.



President Elio Sindoni

Vice President Maurizio Carvelli

Board Member Mario Mezzanzanica

Board Member Marco Masi

Board Member Carlo Saggio


President Maura Montanari

Auditor Cesare Mattei

Auditor Andrea Rizzoli

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